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(Note smudge in pocket for handy use.)
Geologists and archaeologists have determined that the sixty-five feet of soil over the crypt below the stone circle behind me took about 16,000 years to accumulate. Sixteen thousand years of fathers telling their sons that was where the body of their god We-ott was buried. We-ott taught the children to be human. Then, when the humans became more pleasing We-ott began to love their women. All was good until he started taking younger and younger women to his hut. The men called him to council and poisoned him and buried him in the fire pit behind me. This is part of the lesson man had to learn, to protect the women and children, not be someone they had to be protected from.
I asked Bernard Alvitre (the old man standing by himself on the right in the picture below) if it was more that this person who is called a "god" was just a human who had learned something that could be passed on for survival? You see, they did not believe that this We-ott was the creator, he was considered a "god" because of his contribution to his people. I would have thought that this was an archetype except for the fact of the body in the ground there. I was deeply, deeply moved to stand in that spot and talk with these people. Bernie said to me, "Everything you say is true Raven, what little we speak of it is our shorthand, you have the whole story correct and the conundrum stated. I see this man clearly in my mind from my grandfather's knee and if they did a reconstruction of his face on the computer I would be able to spot him in a line-up. That is how we remember without paper and ink." That was the night he asked me to close the prayer circle.
I think maybe I look a little too pleased with myself in that picture but sister and brothers, I was hugely proud and honored that day.

The site is the ancient Tungva village of Puvungna. It is the last remaining undeveloped piece of Native American sacred soil in Long Beach.


It sits next to the California State University at Long Beach (CSULB). The full story is at Welcome to Puvungna and its links.


What  I have here are pictures from my time sitting vigil there in early summer of 1994 and some of my activities.


Raven Stands Alone


council f.jpg

Council of Elders of the Tungva People 1994.



my tent and friends f.jpg

My tent and some friends.


discussion 2.jpg

Discussing the evenings activities with Bernard Alvitre, Clan Leader.


sweeping circle f.jpg

Sweeping the Sacred Circle at Puvungna.


sacred circle f.jpg

Waiting for sunset.



CSULB Campus dorms in background.


afternoon circle f.jpg

Waiting for guests to arrive.


elders2 f.jpg

Northern California tribal Elders on “Peace Train to Chiapas, Mexico” at Puvungna, California 1994.


elders f.jpg

Northern California tribal Elders on “Peace Train to Chiapas, Mexico” at Puvungna, California 1994.















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